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Cookies are data files stored on your device which holds information collected from your previous visits to our website. This information represents you as a user allowing us to tailor our website to your interests and improve your experience.

How does Labeca use cookies?

Cookies help us understand the success of our advertising campaigns, figure out what are the most popular items and most frequently visited pages on our site, and will remember your saved items and the items you have added to your unique basket. Most importantly, cookies help us cater our advertising suitably to your personal interests.

What types of cookies does Labeca use?

  • Site functionality cookies – these allow you as a user to access our features e.g. ‘Add to Bag’ and ‘Save for Later’ and will remember these for your next visit.
  • Site analytics cookies – these analyse how our customers use our site which improves both its functionality and your shopping experience.
  • Customer preference cookies – these remember your preferences e.g. your language or location, so we can personalise your shopping experience.
  • Targeting or advertising cookies – these allow us to deliver ads that are tailored to you.

You can control how cookies are used through your browser settings. If you decide to block all cookies do remember that this will limit your access to our services.


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